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You may know us. We have already met when it came time to furnish your new apartment or redecorate your living room. We may have lit up your nights and your dressed your windows. From the bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom, we create ambiences, decorate rooms and furnish homes. Your homes!

If our customers trust us to such an extent, it is because we trust in the talent and dedication of our employees. They are the ones who constantly inspire and support the "Maisons du Monde" spirit through their bold creativity, diversity and talent.

A company is like a big home. Ours is global! Our employees come from diverse backgrounds and our international presence makes us open to sharing and enrichment by connecting with others.

Maisons du Monde, Our Values


A generous design approach: lots of styles, lots of choice, lots of possibilities, lots of ideas to bounce around, lots of warmth to share, lots of understanding between us and our customers, lots, lots, lots. And to top it all... a little quirky something!


At MdM, we owe our success to the fact that we take a rigorous approach to everything we do. We can’t say it too often: “Retail is detail!”


Nurture a sense of freedom, take nothing for granted, dare, recognise initiative, open up new opportunities: in short, do things our way and take ownership of it.


Our challenge? To do business without ever betraying our convictions: we’re devoted to our customers, supportive of employees, loyal to our partners and responsible towards people and the planet.


It is said that homes reflect the personality of the people who live there. Our home reflects the passion of our employees who are committed day after day to giving the best of themselves, facing challenges together and and going the extra mile.

High standards

Retail is detail ! aving high standards means being diligent and professional to provide the best experience to our customers in our stores. From the initial idea on paper, to manufacturing and delivery, to the finished product displayed in our stores, our high standards guarantee dependable, optimized and flawless service.

Bold Creativity

The creativity to rethink our collections every year to continuously inspire our customers and take them on a journey, every day of the year ; the boldness to promote initiatives and to take nothing for granted; the courage to be an employer that cares as much about its employees as about the planet!


Because a business is the sum of its talents, we are always looking forpassionate individuals who are able to truly commit to all projects, large and small. f you share the values of teamwork and support, dedication to the business, personal accountability, achieving targets and aiming even higher, we want to meet you!

Confident that we can grow and prosper while respecting the people and resources on which we depend, our company has developed a personal development process (for our employees) and a sustainability system (for the planet). Through our awareness-raising actions and our CSR program, we aim to deliver satisfaction on all levels to ensure a happy future for everyone!

Nothing is impossible at Maisons du Monde!

Do you want to join the most desirable store on the market and be part of our family?

Learn about our employer commitments and promises elsewhere on the website or check out our job offers! 


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