Human resources involves all the activities to support and develop our greatest asset: our employees. Recruitment, training, personnel administration and labour laws are the 4 pillars of the Human Resources Department of Maisons du Monde.

Read on to learn more about the job of payroll manager!



Charlotte, Payroll Manager

My duties:

  • Calculate payroll
  • Handle new hires and departures and other situations

My qualities :

  • Good with numbers
  • Attention to detail
  • Discretion
How did you discover Maisons du Monde?
I discovered Maisons du Monde as a customer before working for the company. I have a 2-year degree in general accounting, and a further degree in HR management with a specialization in payroll. First I was recruited as a temporary worker for 3 months, then on a fixed term contract and then I was hired on permanently almost 3 years ago.What do you like most about your current job?
Here at headquarters, we handle more than 5,000 payslips per month. I'm not alone of course since there are about a dozen people working in the department. What's different is that we also manage payroll for our foreign stores. For example, in addition to handling a number of stores in France, I process payroll for our employees in Belgium and Luxembourg, and you have to learn about the different laws in each country.

What I like most is being able to connect with the employees and the stores.

You see, I'm at the head office, but I really feel that I'm part of the stores that I process the payroll for. I also like to be able to learn about all the latest labour laws and rules governing payroll.

What are the qualities needed to be a payroll manager?
You need to be organized, you have to manage priorities and emergencies, such as new hires and departures. We need to work together as a team. We help each other out, which makes for an excellent atmosphere in the department. Of course, discretion is an essential quality, since we work in human resources.

Finally, it's important to be patient and explain things to the stores and employees who often ask for clarification on issues that are sometimes complicated. You need to answer as clearly as possible, explaining why, and always with a smile.

Can you describe a typical day?
The payroll department operates at the same pace as the stores. For example, on Monday and Tuesday, we process all the information received since the beginning of the weekend when the stores are open.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we handle priorities and regular transactions such as deposits or transfers or the different declarations required. And of course, at the end of the month for two days, we mainly work on calculating payroll.

Do you have a story to tell that reflects the spirit and values of Maisons du Monde?
There is a long-standing tradition in the HR department: every Thursday an employee brings breakfast for the entire department : around 40 people! The tradition is well respected, there is a schedule with the dates assigned for each person and everyone participates, including our HRD. It's also an opportunity to connect with people we don't work with day to day, it's a really fun time.