Network Director

Arielle, Network Director Belgium / Luxembourg

My duties:

  • Direct and manage a network of stores to achieve the targets
  • Support, train and evaluate the regional directors

My qualities :

  • Leadership
  • Analytical skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills

How did you discover Maisons du Monde?
I was already working in ready-to-wear and I was approached by a head-hunter. In 2008, Maisons du Monde was still underdeveloped in Belgium and Luxembourg. So it was a great challenge.

What do you like most about your current job?
The challenge.
We have targets that we have to achieve, and I find the challenge very stimulating. We also have very diverse jobs: I often tell my employees

« the only thing that doesn't change at Maisons du Monde is that it changes all the time! »

What are the qualities needed to be a Network Director?
When you manage a team of 220 people, the qualities of dialogue and listening are essential to achieve the objectives and get everyone to do their best. To unify teams that are often young, enthusiasm and energy are also quite essential.

Can you describe a typical day?

For a network director, there is really no typical day:
We are mostly there to provide support, spending a lot of time in the field, that is to say in stores supporting the staff. Of course, there is also the time spent analysing results and reports here in Belgium but also at the head office.

Finally, I devote a lot of time to managing our teams, communicating and explaining the important messages of the company. I go to the head office in Nantes frequently for "group" meetings.

Do you have a story to tell that reflects the spirit and values of Maisons du Monde?
When I was hired, they warned me: "You should know that at Maisons du Monde we are very demanding, there is a lot of work...". I had previously worked distribution, so I said to myself "I know all about hard work, I won't have any problem."

What surprised me after my integration, and that's the atypical side of Maisons du Monde, is how invested the employees are in their company. People really love what they do, so they don't see the hours pass.

In fact everyone is working towards the same goals, so it makes you want to progress. It's true that we give a lot to the company, but the company gives us back just as much.